Events. Natashasoldatova


This exhibition is the result of several years of work by the artist Natasha Soldatova. It reflects her irreversible awareness of herself as an integral person and her acceptance of her essence and belonging to this rapidly changing world. The artist’s need for two sources of energy, external and internal, and their alternation and balance are poured out onto the canvas in various emotions, moods, images, and forms. The two sides of the personality do not carry a destructive character but rather demonstrate the blending of negative and positive emotions, enthusiasm, and vitality in equal proportions.The exhibited works are a motivation that emanates from both inside and outside of the artist, as diverse and unified as she is. This is why in the “Ambiversion” exhibition, figurative art and abstractionism perfectly blend and exist in the rhythm of the modern world, side by side and within each other.  For the artist, art is her own reflection. Her works convey  the emotions she has had to feel in a given period of her life. The artist herself acknowledges that to fully understand art, it is necessary to disconnect logic and not be afraid to feel, thus not going crazy in a modern intellectual society.The perception of each person of a particular event, assessment of something, a narrative of events, and expressing an opinion about something is nothing but a personal mirroring of one’s positive or negative thinking.  The surrounding world may be repulsive to some, while others admire it. The same happens in relation to every little thing, at every stage of an individual’s life. That is why it is so important for the artist to think positively and feel vividly, so that this inner light is reflected and directed outward, transforming into energy and returning to us in the form of emotions and matter.One can embody the values and beliefs of society or the prevailing public opinion to be considered modern (dependent), or one can express oneself and one’s feelings to be a personality shaping public opinion and society. The idea of the exhibition is for the viewer to glimpse into the artist’s inner world, to become acquainted with her feelings, experiences, joy, colors, forms, lines, and beauty. It is a kind of dialogue in which everyone will ffind a piece of themselves within it. Each person will be able to see and highlight in their way the vast world of different mirrors of modern reality.